Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh Printer where art thou?

I have two degrees with the word "print" in them and still wasn't prepared for the arrival of my Canon Pixma Pro9000 printer. But haven't got a printing press or print studio, so some form of digital device was in order -- make that on order.

The new printer came with a new footprint: large. It now has it's very own table in my workspace, residing on one of those sturdy wooden kid-sized tables from before Fisher-Price.

The fun parts:

1. Purchasing a selection of art papers and learning to feed the heavy-weight papers through the printer

2. Installing print drivers, deinstalling and reinstalling drivers

3. Making AdobeLightroom and Canon Pixma printer play nice together

4.  Locating color profiles, and using them

5. Thirty-minute conversations with Canon tech support about loading paper, color management and installing print drivers (really good tech support by the way)

The printer and I are friends now. Just wish we had more time to play...


  1. Thanks for this info on your printer. I'm investigating printers... I'd like to make reproductions of my drawings... not sure...
    See if a printer falls into my lap! :-)

  2. Good luck! There's lots more reviews out there. I bought this one because it handles fine art papers. But it uses dye-based vs. pigment inks, which are longer lasting.