Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What can you do with a mini print?

Frame it for a secret santa or workplace gift exchange.

Tuck it into a gift bag for a little something extra.

Place it in the envelope with a letter as a personal memento -- sentimental, but sweet!

Write a message on the back and turn it into a non-traditional greeting card, suitable for framing!

Slip it under the ribbon of a simply wrapped present, a gorgeous way to decorate a gift!

Put it on the refrigerator to add a little art to your kitchen!

Short on wall space? Frame a set of mini prints and hang them as a group on the wall as an intimate alternative to a larger piece.

Be bold, punch little holes in the margins, string through some ribbon and hang them on the tree.

Hold it in your hand -- small is beautiful -- it's a little piece of art!

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