Wednesday, February 3, 2010

OK, Twitter Works

This week I made another attempt at using twitter to promote items in my shop and it GOT RESULTS. This means now I HAVE to use it -- one more piece of web marketing added to my Etsy workflow.

Am going to tweet when
  • listing a new photo print in my shop
  • relisting an item 
  • selling something and then relisting it
  • having a sale or special promotion 
  • one of my photos is included in a treasury
  • when -- especially when -- something of mine makes it on to Etsy's front page
Did the first four, and saw an immediate increase in number of views in the next few minutes and even over the next day or so. Am trying not to be too sad about missed opportunities to give my shop an extra bump with Twitter -- when my prints were included in treasuries, and once on the front page -- will just  use it from now on.

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